About Mayorga Coffee


We Have a Purpose

To eliminate systemic poverty in Latin America through responsible trade of organic foods


We are Change Makers

The existing coffee supply chain is inefficient, unbalanced, and antiquated. We are revolutionizing the supply chain exclusively towards direct relationships.



We Are Artisan Coffee Roasters

Every batch of Mayorga Coffee is roasted in small batches by hand so that we can bring out the best elements of each coffee.  We slow roast all our coffees to honor our Latin heritage and the farmers who are cultivating the coffee in Latin America.

We Care About The Environment

Organic certified coffees, coupled with direct relationships, are the responsible course to take – for farmers, consumers, and our families.


We believe in Holistic Sustainability

Sustainability is more than “being green”.  It is about valuing every member of the supply chain from the farmer to the consumer by systematically addressing their environmental, economic, and social needs.


We Are a Family

Mayorga Coffee is owned and operated by Kerry and Martin Mayorga. Our management team is small and we work very closely together, making decisions as a family—with care and consideration for our impact on others.


We Are Proud Of Our Heritage

Mayorga Coffee is a representation and celebration of our Latin heritage. It’s not “just business”.  It’s the embodiment of our personal, cultural, and professional pride.