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Welcome to Cultivating Change, the blog. This is where we’ll be sharing our perspective and experiences as we work to shift exploitative supply chains while building a company that empowers everyone from producer to staff to our customers. 

What does Cultivating Change mean?

Since the early 90’s I’ve worked in the cultivation of products and agriculture, because I saw that the exploitative elements of colonization still existed.  From keeping farmers and consumers as distant from each other as possible to abusive financing for producers and “go to market” practices that didn’t match marketing claims. I decided at 18 years old to dedicate my life to changing these practices--as well as the negative perceptions that people have of Latinos. I feel as strongly about this almost 30 years later, so here we are :) 

Now...Let’s cultivate change!!

We’ll be sharing experiences, ideas, observations, and facts here based on our 23 years in business here. This won’t be where you read about coffee processing methods, flavor profiles, or how we roast. This is where I will personally speak to you with the promise of authenticity and transparency.   Some may be venting, some may sound a little extreme, and some may just be boring to you.  (I tend to geek out on how financing is a tool for the rich to keep producers poor).  All I ask is that you read this blog with this in mind:  WE LOVE COFFEE, BUT WE LOVE PEOPLE AND THE PLANET MORE.

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