Café Cubano Roast Brick Pack, 10oz
Café Cubano Roast Brick Pack, 10oz

Café Cubano Roast Brick Pack, 10oz

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Full body cup with hints of vanilla and a sweet, syrupy smokiness, with a smooth, bold finish.

Peru, Honduras and/or Nicaragua.

All our coffees are organic, farmer direct, specialty-grade, high grown, 100% Arabica

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Café Cubano Roast Brick Pack

This coffee is the combination of nostalgia with sustainability and quality! We recognize that many consumers are looking for quality ground coffee. Unfortunately most ground coffee on the market is low-grade product meant for “the masses”. We decided to do something about that and made a massive investment in the equipment to vacuum pack our specialty-grade, organic, direct-sourced coffees.

The result is the vibrant, fresh aroma that has made our organic Café Cubano a wild conveniently packaged in ground form.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sweet, smoky finish of this delicious coffee.

There are no contents originating from Cuba in this or any of our products.

Sourcing Principles




Direct Trade



Authentically Latino

We operate with the purpose of eliminating systemic poverty in Latin America through the responsible trade of artisanal organic foods.

By engaging directly with farmers and their communities, we provide you with Specialty grade coffees at a value while creating long-term sustainable growth for our farmer friends

Our efforts not only give you the smoothest, freshest, most flavorful coffees but they also incorporate you as a critical partner in helping us achieve our purpose.