Espresso Suave
Espresso Suave
Espresso Suave
Espresso Suave
Espresso Suave
Espresso Suave
Espresso Suave
Espresso Suave

Espresso Suave

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Medium body with sweet undertones of honey, bright balanced acidity and abundant fruit flavors of peach and ripe apricot with a smooth finish.

Honduras and/or Guatemala.

All our coffees are organic, farmer direct, specialty-grade, high grown, 100% Arabica

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Espresso Suave

This blend is a carefully thought out combination of Single Origin coffees roasted to present a perfect balance of flavors when brewed in an intensely concentrated manner. Our Espresso Suave is a rich and smooth coffee blend roasted delicately to develop a distinct sweetness while having the depth and body required to stand up to your café con leche.

This blend is turned into delicious espresso through the craftsmanship of managing the roast profile to assure that the flavors are developed slowly and they complement each other. In the end, the careful roasting gives this blend SWEET undertones and an intense flavor with a SMOOTH finish.

Sourcing Principles




Direct Trade



Authentically Latino

We operate with the purpose of eliminating systemic poverty in Latin America through the responsible trade of artisanal organic foods.

By engaging directly with farmers and their communities, we provide you with Specialty grade coffees at a value while creating long-term sustainable growth for our farmer friends

Our efforts not only give you the smoothest, freshest, most flavorful coffees but they also incorporate you as a critical partner in helping us achieve our purpose.

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