Q. Why does Mayorga only sell organic coffee?

Martin Mayorga started importing coffee to support small farmers in 1995. He then began roasting in 1997 and the company began an exciting growth trajectory.  As we spent more and more time at farms and with coffee farming communities, we saw the impact that the constant spraying of chemicals had on the environment. Year after year, soil became less nutrient-dense and more fertilizers and pesticides were required. Drinking water became contaminated with pesticides.  Rivers where children played and communities sourced drinking water became toxic. Farmers developed mysterious coughs. The signs were everywhere.  If we wanted to be good partners to those that we seek to support, we can’t poison them and their communities in the process.

Q. Is your Coffee Arabica? What is the difference between Arabica and Robusta coffees anyway?

Our coffee is 100% SPECIALTY GRADE Arabica.

Arabica is a more delicate plant and must be grown at higher altitudes with cooler temperatures and consistent rainfall. 

As the heartier and more resilient of the two plants, Robusta coffee is generally considered to have more body and less flavor than its more highly sought-out counterpart.