Inca Blend

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CUPPING NOTES: Honey/Chocolate/Sweet

Clean cup with a medium body, sweet honey undertones and chocolate with a smooth finish.

IN THIS BLEND: Peru, Colombia and Bolivia.

Our coffees are organic, farmer direct, specialty-grade, high grown, 100% Arabica.

USDA Organic    Non-GMO Project Verified   Kosher 


The INCA empire was one of the greatest in history. The Incas were known for advanced architecture, innovative agriculture, and designing a vast network of roads—some of which are used to this day. Their presence stretched along the western side of SOUTH AMERICA where many of our coffee producers cultivate ORGANIC COFFEE.

We are proud of our heritage and the influence of the Inca empire on our people is still being felt today. This coffee represents the best of the communities of PERU, BOLIVIA and COLOMBIA. It has beautiful CHOCOLATE and HONEY notes with a nuanced SWEET AND SMOOTH finish.