Direct Supply Chain

The evolution of global trade in the late 1800's gave us the opportunity to enjoy foods like quinoa from Peru, and coffee from Honduras. Sadly the supply chains established to move these products from small producers to market economies like the U.S. have barely changed in almost 200 years.

Most trade is dominated by a small handful of massive multinationals who procure product through an inefficient series of traders and middlemen. Each taking profit that could go to farmers as income or to consumers as cost savings. Not to mention the rampant fraud taking place each time food changes hands for a markup.

We work every day to reverse the impact of irresponsible, one-sided business practices that created these inequities. We communicate with our producers almost daily, visit them constantly, seek better ways to grow organic products, better ways to finance the supply chain, more efficient ways to ship their products, and are always working to run our business efficiently. No middlemen.  No brokers. Just us, our farmers, and those NECESSARY in the supply chain.

We believe this is our obligation for future generations of farmers and consumers.

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