Artesano Blend
Artesano Blend
Artesano Blend
Artesano Blend
Artesano Blend
Artesano Blend
Artesano Blend
Artesano Blend
Artesano Blend
Artesano Blend

Artesano Blend

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Nutty, chocolate, bright finish

Guatemala, Honduras

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Crafting extraordinary coffee is an art that begins with the unwavering dedication of our farmers and is perfected by our ARTESANO. This individual must be able to balance being craftsperson and scientist. This includes applying the proper flame level and airflow at precise times in the roast to best develop the intrinsic characteristics of each coffee while giving each roast a signature flavor profile that makes the coffee uniquely special.

At Mayorga Coffee, we take the concept of exceptional blends to a whole new level. With 40 years of combined experience in sourcing and roasting coffees from around the globe, our founder and roastmaster have honed their expertise to create an exceptionally balanced and flavorful blend that's a true testament to our commitment of responsibility, quality and value.

Our unique blend is a harmonious combination of enticing CHOCOLATE notes, subtle NUTTINESS, and a refreshing, BRIGHT finish. It's coffee that celebrates our Latin American heritage and the spirit of authenticity.

Sourcing Principles


Specialty Grade Arabica coffee


100% Certified USDA Organic coffee


Sourced directly from our producer partners


Work directly with our producers to support their growth and longevity


Benefit ALL members of the supply chain--from producer to consumer

Authentically Latino

By engaging directly with farmers and their communities, we provide you with Specialty grade coffees at a value while creating long-term sustainable growth for our farmer friends

Our efforts not only give you the smoothest, freshest, most flavorful coffees but they also incorporate you as a critical partner in a truly sustainable supply chain.

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