Muy Macho

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CUPPING NOTES: Smooth/Dark Chocolate/Bold
IN THIS BLEND: Peru and/or Honduras.

All our coffees are organic, farmer direct, specialty-grade, high grown, 100% Arabica

USDA Organic    Non-GMO Project Verified   Kosher  


“Lucha Libre” is the perfect balance of showmanship, flashiness, athleticism and entertainment. We love it so much that we created our own character: MUY MACHO.

He's the toughest, strongest and most daring "Luchador" that ever lived!

This blend balances strength with style and a little bit of showmanship. It’s our toughest and boldest coffee, but it’s not afraid to wear tights and dance a little salsa. 

The deep character gives way to RICH notes of DARK CHOCOLATE, which is capped off by a BOLD, yet SMOOTH finish. 

Muy Macho is a blend of coffees from Peru and Honduras roasted "low and slow" to get to a deep, dark profile with a sweet chocolate finish. It has gained a cult-like following as the perfect option for bold coffee lovers.

Just one sip of this coffee and you'll be ready to throw flying kicks from the top ropes--or you might catch yourself dancing salsa.  

Get in the ring with Muy Macho!