Muy Macho
Muy Macho
Muy Macho
Muy Macho
Muy Macho
Muy Macho
Muy Macho
Muy Macho
Muy Macho
Muy Macho
Muy Macho

Muy Macho

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The perfect set to explore our range of delicious roast profiles, indulge or gift to friends and family. Experience finest Specialty Coffee sourced with our partner farms in Latin America.

Smooth/Dark Chocolate/Bold

Peru and/or Honduras.
All our coffees are organic, farmer direct, specialty-grade, high grown, 100% Arabica

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Muy Macho. The strongest coffee.

“Lucha Libre” is the perfect balance of showmanship, flashiness, athleticism and entertainment. We love it so much that we created our own character: MUY MACHO.

He's the toughest, strongest and most daring "Luchador" that ever lived!

This blend balances strength with style and a little bit of showmanship. It’s our toughest and boldest coffee, but it’s not afraid to wear tights and dance a little salsa.

The deep character gives way to RICH notes of DARK CHOCOLATE, which is capped off by a BOLD, yet SMOOTH finish.

Muy Macho is a blend of coffees from Peru and Honduras roasted "low and slow" to get to a deep, dark profile with a sweet chocolate finish. It has gained a cult-like following as the perfect option for bold coffee lovers.

Just one sip of this coffee and you'll be ready to throw flying kicks from the top ropes--or you might catch yourself dancing salsa.

Get in the ring with Muy Macho!

Sourcing Principles


Specialty Grade Arabica coffee


100% Certified USDA Organic coffee


Sourced directly from our producer partners


Work directly with our producers to support their growth and longevity


Benefit ALL members of the supply chain--from producer to consumer

Authentically Latino

By engaging directly with farmers and their communities, we provide you with Specialty grade coffees at a value while creating long-term sustainable growth for our farmer friends

Our efforts not only give you the smoothest, freshest, most flavorful coffees but they also incorporate you as a critical partner in a truly sustainable supply chain.

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