Martin learned how to roast coffee at the age of 19 on a modified steel drum in the mountains of Nicaragua. In that moment, he learned that roasting coffee is the perfect balance of science, art, and his culture.

We've come a long way since Martin learned to roast on a 55 gallon drum in the mountains of Nicaragua.  Twenty five years later, our roasters practice that balance to develop the ideal cup of Latin American coffee.

Just like our beautiful people and countries, every coffee has its own characteristics and character. Our licensed Q graders identify those best characteristics and our roasters develop them using flame control, airflow, time, and a whole lot of orgullo latino

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Coffee Chaff is the papery husk that covers the dried green bean and is separated from the bean as it expands during the roasting process. It’s great to use anywhere you need organic material.

- Rich in nutrients and nitrogen
- Great for composting
- Spread as mulch
- Worked directly into the soil for aeration 

Visit our Rockville, MD facility and collect your chaff during normal retail hours.

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Burlap bags provide for excellent weed control when placed under mulch in gardens – laying them below your mulch and cut holes to plant through. Some users have also taken them home to bag garden debris or have a good, old-fashioned sack race! 

Visit our Rockville, MD facility and collect your burlap bags during normal retail hours.

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