Orgullo Latino

We're proud of our heritage, culture, and of course, our coffee. Our parents and our parents' parents have been drinking rich, dark coffee for generations. Each of our coffees represents that heritage and is roasted to represent the unique flavors of that origin or blend.

Appreciation for

Given our focus on working with small, remote farmers, we realize that a majority of them actually live on the land that they farm. They also plant food for their families on the same land. In good conscience, we need to ensure that their land (their main resource) is protected.


Our learning process into organic evolved in the late 90's as we recognized that most coffee producers sit at the top of mountains. What runs down that mountain impacts their immediate neighbors as well as bodies of water that feed on runoff. We realized our collective responsibility was much greater than just farmers and Mayorga.  


Given the choice, most of us would prefer to consume foods that are free of additives and chemicals. The food industry has tried to convince us that organic agriculture is expensive and inefficient. It just takes a little more love for our farmers, our land, and for our consumers.

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