Cafecito Time! The mocha pot has been around for a long time, and is the most found in households around the world. If it's not part of your current coffee set up you should pick one up. Used for making at home style espresso, you are in for a robust and heavy mouthfeel, choose your coffee wisely. 

What You’ll Need

Moka Pot/La Greca

Fresh Coffee

Grinder Fine/Medium grind size

Hot Water



Let’s Prep

Seperate top and bottom by unscrewing components

Remove coffee filter basket

Add hot water to base

Add grounds to filter basket, make sure it's level and not overflowing or tamped down


Let’s Brew

Place filter basket on bottom base

Screw base and top together

Place on stove 

Allow to brew

Listen to the brewer and check to make sure it is extracting coffee from the spout 

Remove from heat


Serve, but wait to enjoy, it's going to be very hot