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Meeting the producers of San Juan Co-op in Bolivia

Meeting the producers of San Juan Co-op in Bolivia

We constantly meet our coffee partner farms in Latin America and engage with our producers. I'm Sara Velásquez, Mayorga Coffee's Producer Relations Manager. Join me as I spend time with our new partner San Juan Co-op!

San Juan Co-op - Our partners in Bolivia

San Juan Co-op is a five-hour drive from the La Paz airport. Upon my arrival at the San Juan community in Yungas, I was welcomed with a wreath made out of coffee cherries, leaves, and flowers. The community greeted us with a traditional dance, celebrating our visit. I felt very honored to be received so warmly.

 Sara dancing with Victor Kalla, the president of San Juan Cooperative

We were surrounded by the community’s musicians, who are an integral part of the community since music and dancing belong to their well-kept traditions, as does their language, the Aymara.

San Juan's Coop Team

The co-op consists of 35 cooperative members, including 25 families. I can genuinely feel the strong sense of community among them.

Celestina Osco Justo, coffee producer at San Juan Co-op

Wilma Choque, coffee producer at San Juan's Co-op harvesting and de-pulping coffee cherries.

They showed me around their farms, introduced me to many of the coffee producers, and explained their farm concepts. In a meeting the co-op members expressed how important producer visits are for them; and explained that we are the first US-based roaster ever to engage with them in person, they have not received any client visits since 2016.

María Osco, a member of San Juan Co-op, holding our delicious Inca Blend that is produced with coffee beans from her co-op.

I got to meet María Osco, one of the co-ops Matronas (a female leader) who cooked our lunch. Check out our organic Inca Blend that is roasted with coffee beans from her co-op.

Sara with part of the Co-op's team next to coffee drying beds.
The landscape on the way to Caranavi.
El Camino de La Muerte


Finally, it was time to leave after a nourishing day spent with the co-op members at the farm. On our way to Caranavi from La Paz, we passed the breathtaking views, cliffs, and landscapes Bolivia has to offer in the Andes range. I hope to be back soon!

Sara Velásquez

Producer Relations Manager

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