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Is Bogotá about to become the next Latino culinary hub?

Colombia’s capital city is becoming one of the most exciting culinary hubs in Latin America

How lucha libre is helping to break down gender stereotypes
Meaning “free fight”, lucha libre symbolizes the constant battle between good and evil.
Why are reggaetón collaborations only happening now?

Reggaetón has been popular among the Latino community for decades. But lately, its audience has diversified, attracting the attention of English-speaking artists. But is it a form of cultural cherry-picking?


Did the Aztecs drink coffee?

Xocolātl raised mood levels and provided a welcome morning boost for many inhabitants of the Aztec Empire – much like coffee today.

What is quinceañera? Understanding an ancient Latino tradition
The occasion, which stems from ancient civilizations, creates a space that recalls our cultural heritage.
Understanding the debate around ‘official’ languages in the US

There are more than 350 languages spoken in the US today.

Piñatas: How an Aztec tradition became part of modern-day Mexican culture

Discover the ancient origins and enduring cultural significance of piñatas.

The Topo Chico story: From 15th-century myth to a worldwide phenomenon

From family gatherings to the mornings after parties, Topo Chico sparkling water is an ever-present Mexican icon with a fascinating history.

Latino dishes that are more delicious than they sound

Have you ever steered clear of a meal after hearing its name? Well, you may well have missed the opportunity to taste some of the most delicious dishes.

Why do Latinos prefer coffee to hot cocoa?

Although hot chocolate has a longer history, coffee has made its way into the hearts of Latinos as a symbol of heritage, comfort, and cultural significance.

The Latino identity is about much more than just language
It is time to have a more open mind to what “being Latino” really means.
Jorge Jiménez Deredia: Capturing Costa Rica's indigenous heritage through sculpture

The Costa Rican sculptor’s work has created a legacy that reminds viewers of his country’s rich culture and history.

2022 was the year of Bad Bunny – so why didn’t he win the Album of the Year Grammy?

Bad Bunny is more than just a top reggaetonero from Puerto Rico. Along with his rising success reaching an all-time high last year, Bad Bunny also uses his talents to shine a light on the social issues encountered by Puerto Ricans.

Tracing origins: How did coffee arrive in Central America?

Today, Central America is a coffee powerhouse, responsible for producing some of the world’s best organic coffees. But how did it get there in the first place?

The top Latinos and Latinas to watch in 2023
Latin America continues to produce some of the world’s most exciting talents. These are the ones to keep an eye on over the next year.
How is organic decaf coffee made?

Swiss Water has transformed perceptions around decaf coffee. But how does it work?

The history of Lizano sauce: A century of tradition in Costa Rican kitchens
Lizano sauce has been an essential ingredient in Costa Rican kitchens for nearly a century. But where did it come from? I recently had the opportunity to sit down with my grandfather, who was friends with the sauce's creators, to learn more about its fascinating history.
For Latinos the American Dream is not about the individual – it's about family
The concept of "going it alone" is at odds with our identities and cultural heritages. "For Hispanics, our dreams, and our very identity, involve our family. Achieving the 'American Dream' is meaningless if we lose our Latin soul in the process," television host Daniel Ortiz says.
Why the rise of Residente is important to Latinos
The Puerto Rican rapper has sought to empower Latinos by combining his musical talent with his strong sense of social injustice.
How to prepare an authentic Cuban coffee (café cubano)

The ultimate guide to making Cuba’s most iconic drink.

Is decaf coffee a diuretic?

We all know that drinking coffee makes us need to use the bathroom. But do the same rules apply for decaffeinated coffee?