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The Rising Brew: Café Cubano's Deserved Popularity in the United States

The Rising Brew: Café Cubano's Deserved Popularity in the United States

Café Cubano, or Cuban coffee, offers a distinctive and bold taste that sets it apart from all other coffee in the market. If you are used to a morning coffee from Starbucks (or even, Dunkin Donuts) you may be wondering how different the flavor profile can possibly be: we’re talking intense richness, with a blend of sweet and bitter notes – caramelized sweetness from the demerara sugar, and full-body experience with dark-roasted coffee beans.

It’s better than what you can imagine. It is memorable, addicting and timeless – café cubano deserves to be more popular in the United States.

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Bold Flavors, Rich History

At the heart of Café Cubano's appeal lies its distinct taste—a powerful flavor profile that captures the essence of Cuban coffee culture. Coffee beans, often darkly roasted, deliver an intense flavor profile characterized by a harmonious blend of sweetness, bitterness, and a velvety texture. A carefully crafted brew is commonly served in small shots called "cafecitos," packs a powerful punch that satisfies even the most discerning coffee aficionados. According to a report by the National Coffee Association, coffee consumption in the United States has been steadily rising (to 66% Americans drinking at least one coffee beverage in the past day!), with an increasing interest in specialty and gourmet coffee varieties (National Coffee Association (NCA).. If you’re interested in how to brew café cubano with excellence - you can read our article, here

Better yet, Café Cubano remains a hidden treasure, waiting for its moment in the spotlight. Latino coffee expert María Delgado passionately advocates for the wider embrace of Café Cubano, stating, "Its boldness and unique character offer a delightful departure from mainstream coffee options, providing a true taste of Cuban culture." As more Latin American cuisine permeates through the United States, it is about time Café Cubano is discovered by a wider audience and coffee lovers across the world.

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The Social Bonding Experience

Beyond its exceptional flavors, Café Cubano serves as an important social catalyst in Latin American culture, fostering connections and bonding within communities. Like in the rest of Latin American countries, in Cuban households, it is customary to gather around the kitchen table and share stories over a steaming cup of Café Cubano. This cherished tradition extends to Cuban cafes and households across the United States, where new friendships are born, and memories are created.

Café Cubano's ability to foster communal ties is exemplified in the words of renowned Cuban-American author, Oscar Casares, who reflects, "For many of us, Café Cubano is more than just a beverage; it represents a collective identity, a shared experience that connects us to our roots and brings us closer together."

As the presence of Café Cubano spreads across the world, and especially in the United States, we can hope for a growing wave of socializing accompanying the beverage serving.

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Overcoming Barriers and Embracing Café Cubano

While Café Cubano's ascent in popularity faces certain hurdles, such as limited accessibility and unfamiliarity to the wider public, these challenges can easily be overcome through awareness – and, well, talking about it.

Renowned coffee critic and journalist, Carlos Gutiérrez, emphasizes the importance of embracing diversity in the coffee landscape. He states, "Café Cubano represents a vibrant and unexplored facet of coffee culture. By welcoming it into the mainstream, we enrich our collective experience and demonstrate an appreciation for the diverse tapestry of flavors our world has to offer."

Café Cubano's journey to national recognition may be a gradual one, but its extraordinary flavors, rich history, and ability to foster social connections make it a deserving candidate for greater popularity in the United States. By embracing the boldness of Café Cubano, we can celebrate and honor the rich cultural traditions that contribute to our diverse society.

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