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Sustainable Initiatives with Role Model Coop Capucas, Honduras

Sustainable Initiatives with Role Model Coop Capucas, Honduras

For the past twelve years, we’ve proudly partnered with the Capucas Cooperative in Honduras, working together to enhance the quality of their organic coffee and the lives of their community members.

Under the leadership of Omar Rodríguez, the Capucas coop consists of 876 dedicated members and stands as a cornerstone of local empowerment and sustainable farming practices. Today, we share some of the key initiatives that have flourished from this partnership.

Honey Program: Cultivating Income-Diversification

One of our standout projects with Capucas is the honey program. Through this apiculture initiative, local farmers are educated about beekeeping. The cooperative has established a facility to process honey, which includes a three-day process involving a water bath, decanting, and packaging. The result is premium honey now reaching local markets in Honduras, providing an additional source of income for the producers while also supporting the pollination of coffee blossoms.

Organic Fertilizer Production: Nourishing the Soil

Capucas and Mayorga Coffee have been collaborating to cultivate and sell solid organic fertilizer. We’ve supported them to build a processing facility that makes use of coffee pulp, husk, chicken and cattle manure, and enriches it with nutrients like phosphoric rock, boron, zinc, calcium, and magnesium. This high-quality fertilizer ensures sustainable agriculture and long-term soil fertility – as well as an additional source of income for the coop members.

By Purchasing Capucas Coffee, You Empower The Community

Pedro Romero, a founding member of the cooperative, highlights Capucas's role as a model for Honduras. Together with Mayorga Coffee, the coop has implemented various income diversification programs, such as vegetable drying, benefiting both farmers and the community. These initiatives enable small-scale farmers to secure higher returns, access modern equipment, and build long-term relationships with coffee buyers. Their success is showcased by globally recognized certifications like organic certification, and a coffee that is popular and highly rated among Mayorga customers.

Supporting Capucas by purchasing their 100% organic specialty coffee means investing in a community's future. Join us in building this journey of growth, resilience, and shared values. Discover their Single Origin Honduras Capucas or Decaf Honduras Capucas.


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