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For Latinos the American Dream is not about the individual – it's about family
The concept of "going it alone" is at odds with our identities and cultural heritages. "For Hispanics, our dreams, and our very identity, involve our family. Achieving the 'American Dream' is meaningless if we lose our Latin soul in the process," television host Daniel Ortiz says.
Why the rise of Residente is important to Latinos
The Puerto Rican rapper has sought to empower Latinos by combining his musical talent with his strong sense of social injustice.
How to prepare an authentic Cuban coffee (café cubano)

The ultimate guide to making Cuba’s most iconic drink.

Is decaf coffee a diuretic?

We all know that drinking coffee makes us need to use the bathroom. But do the same rules apply for decaffeinated coffee?

Licuachela: Mexico City’s viral drink born on the streets

The sweet twist on the michelada is setting social media alight.

Real Academia Española is powerful – but it will never control the language spoken by Latinos

Many Latinos believe RAE is an antiquated institution that is trying to hold back the natural evolution of the Spanish language.

What's the difference between café con leche and cortado?

Clearing up confusion around two of the world’s favorite coffees.

Nicoya peninsula: Costa Rica’s Blue Zone where centenarians are the norm

With more than 40 people over the age of 100, the Nicoya peninsula holds many of the secrets to living a long life.

The sound of a nation: Where did mariachi originate?

Characterized by a distinctive grito, mariachi is the ultimate melodic expression of heartache and happiness.

The terms Hispanic and Latino should not be mixed
While each person is free to identify themself in their own way, understanding the roots of the terms is fundamental.
How to eat chia seeds, a true Latino superfood 
Chia seeds have recently joined avocados in the “superfood” category. But Latinos have appreciated their powers for centuries.
What is specialty-grade coffee?
Breaking down the key differences between specialty-grade and commodity-grade coffees.
What is café chorreado? Understanding Costa Rica's pour-over coffee
Behind Costa Rica’s rich coffee culture is a brewing method that unlocks all the incredible flavors of coffee without the need for expensive gadgets.
Guillermo del Toro: The Hollywood director who has inspired Latinos worldwide
In his long and glittering career, the award-winning titan of cinema has deservedly received praise both on and off the screen.
Why is Costa Rica so biodiverse?
Connecting north and south, Costa Rica acts as the most important natural link on Earth.
Celebrating some of the best Central American chefs in the US
Latino chefs are injecting innovation and creativity into the US culinary scene, helping to shape its future for the better.
Why we need more Latinos in the coffee industry
Latino visibility in coffee’s decision-making roles is still low. But a handful of Latino-owned coffee companies are shifting the power dynamics.
Does coffee contain mycotoxins?
A food safety expert discusses the relationship between mold, mycotoxins, and the coffee in your kitchen cupboard.
The top Latino food brands you need to know about 
You’ve heard of Coca-Cola, but have you ever tried Jarritos?
What is a picadillo? Exploring the mouthwatering Latino dish
There are (almost) as many variations of this traditional dish as there are cocineros in Latin America.
The iconic Latino actors changing the face of Hollywood
Their phenomenal success is making the movie industry rethink its entire approach to immigrant and minority ethnic actors.