Orgullo Latino

Orgullo Latino

Scarface and the Glamorization of Narco Culture: A Latino Perspective
The popularity of cartel movies is undeniable. Time and again, they glamorize their villains to an eagerly receptive audience. But what do Latinos really think about the narco genre?
The Intricate Web of Coffee Quality and Price: Driving Value for Producers and Consumers
Have you ever stopped to wonder exactly what you're paying for when you buy a cup of coffee? We dig deeper into the cost of coffee and the impact your purchase can have on coffee farming communities.
Breaking Barriers: 3 Reasons for the Recent Surge of Latino Representation in US Colleges
Recently, the US has seen a boom in the number of Latino students attending college. Why now? And what impact will this have on Latino communities in the US?
The EU’s Anti-Deforestation Law: More Harm Than Good?
What does the EU’s new anti-deforestation law mean for producers in developing countries? And how can we protect vulnerable communities?
The History of Lizano Sauce: A Century of Tradition in Costa Rican Kitchens
Lizano sauce has been an essential ingredient in Costa Rican kitchens for nearly a century. But where did it come from? I recently had the opportunity to sit down with my grandfather, who was friends with the sauce's creators, to learn more about its fascinating history.
Martin Mayorga: "I saw the farmers’ hard work was just enough to keep them alive"
“I didn’t see the industry solely based on product and brand the same way everyone else did. I saw people and communities that had personally been impacted by the industry.”
The Latino Brands Reclaiming ‘Specialty’ Coffee
"If Latinos can stay true to the authenticity of their heritage and avoid being sucked into a specialty coffee machine that whitewashes coffee, then success awaits."
Breaking Down the Business of Coffee Cooperatives
For roasters, as well as providing an easier entry point to buy coffee directly, cooperatives make delivering impact in coffee-growing countries more effective.
Relationships Are About More than Just Paying a Good Price for Specialty Coffee
A holistic approach focused on healthy, stable, long-term trading relationships will support and empower smallholder coffee farmers to invest and improve in the long term.
Is Bogotá the Next Latino Culinary Hub?

Colombia’s capital city is set to become one of the most exciting culinary hubs in Latin America.

How Lucha Libre is Challenging Gender Stereotypes
Lucha libre: Mexico's captivating pro-wrestling. From acrobatics to empowerment, discover the transformative power of this electrifying sport
Reggaetón Collaborations: What Took So Long?

Reggaetón has been popular among the Latino community for decades. But with new collaborations, its audience has diversified, attracting the attention of English-speaking artists. But is this a form of cultural cherry-picking?


Did the Aztecs Drink Coffee?

Xocolātl raised mood levels and provided a welcome morning boost for many inhabitants of the Aztec Empire – much like coffee today.

What is a Quinceañera?
The occasion, which stems from ancient civilizations, creates a space that recalls our cultural heritage.
Should Spanish be an ‘Official’ Language in the US?

There are more than 350 languages spoken in the US today.

Piñatas: How an Aztec tradition became part of modern-day Mexican culture

Discover the ancient origins and enduring cultural significance of piñatas.

Topo Chico: Not Your Average Fizzy Soda

From family gatherings to the mornings after parties, Topo Chico sparkling water is an ever-present Mexican icon with a fascinating history.

Strangely-Named Latino Dishes You Don't Want to Miss

Have you ever been traveling south of the border and steered clear of a meal after hearing its name? 

Do Latinos Prefer Coffee to Hot Chocolate?

Although hot chocolate has a longer history, coffee has made its way into the hearts of Latinos as a symbol of heritage, comfort, and cultural significance.

The Latino Identity is About More than Language
It is time to have a more open mind to what “being Latino” really means.
Jorge Jiménez Deredia: Sculpting Costa Rica's Indigenous Heritage

The Costa Rican sculptor’s work has created a legacy that reminds viewers of his country’s rich culture and history.