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The Influence of Indigenous Cultures on Latin American Cuisine
In fact, it’s known that over 80% of Latin American recipes incorporate indigenous ingredients or techniques (Latin American Food and Drink Magazine). This is not an entirely surprising figure, given the unwavering influence of native culture on each region’s culinary landscape. 
Unearthing Central America’s Fiery Treasure: The Region’s Volcanoes
Stretching along the Pacific Ring of Fire, Central America sits on top of the meeting point of several tectonic plates. We take a closer look at some the region's most imposing volcanoes.
Mexican Food Is Here to Stay: And We Couldn't Be Happier
Ask anyone north of the border and they'll tell you: it’s tough to remember a time before Taco Tuesdays and Tequila Fridays. 
What is Chicha? The Legend and Legacy of a Latin American Beverage
Chicha is a corn-based beverage commonly found in countries throughout Latin America. But did you know that there’s much more to this drink than meets the eye?
Strangely-Named Latino Dishes You Don't Want to Miss

Have you ever been traveling south of the border and steered clear of a meal after hearing its name? 

Licuachela: Mexico City’s Viral Drink Born on the Streets

The sweet twist on the michelada is setting social media alight.

Nicoya Peninsula: Costa Rica’s Blue Zone Where Centenarians Are the Norm

Individuals in the Costa Rican region of Nicoya are living past the age of 100, and the average life span is 85, beating that of The United States by 8 whole years! So, what’s their secret?

The Most Important Natural Link on Earth: Costa Rica's Biodiversity
Connecting north and south, Costa Rica acts as the most important natural link on Earth.
4 Names You Need to Know: Celebrating Some of the Best Central American Chefs in the US

Latino chefs are bringing innovation and creativity to the US culinary scene, helping to shape its future for the better.

What Is Picadillo? Exploring the Mouthwatering Latino Dish
There are (almost) as many variations of this traditional dish as there are cocineros in Latin America.
5 Most Spectacular Volcanoes to Visit in Central America
Home to over 70 active volcanoes, Central America is the ideal destination for those looking to get a closer look at these ancient powerhouses.
The Top Places to Visit in Costa Rica - From Someone Who Knows
In terms of size, Costa Rica is small. It has just over ​​51,000 sq km, making us one of the smallest countries in Central America. However, our size belies everything we have to offer.
Revamp Your Holiday Dinner with These Festive Central American Dishes
For many, holidays are about friends, family and, of course... food. Why not try some of these recipes for a fresh new twist on your holiday celebrations.
Si la Vida Te Da Limones: Why Latinos Use Fresh Limón in Everything
This ubiquitous little fruit is used prolifically throughout Latin America. But why? And how are they different to the limes and lemons more typically found north of the border?
What Is a Pupusa? The Lowdown on El Salvador's Greatest Export
In El Salvador, its people transform corn into a fantastic dish known as pupusa, a specialty from Central America where it’s consumed with fervor from dawn to dusk.
Why Chocolate Santafereño Is Important to Colombian Heritage
It's no secret that chocolate means a lot to Colombians. A cocoa-producing nation, it has a long history of cacao consumption dating as far back as the Pre-Columbian era. But how and why did cheese make its way into our hot chocolate?
Latin America's Best Hidden Beaches
For an authentic holiday experience, discover the beaches that are more popular with locals than tourists.
What is Yuca and How is it Used in Central America?
It's the plant with the power to turn back time and take us straight back to our family dining table. But there's much more to this root than meets the eye.
Tamale Magic: A Latino Holiday Essential
For Latinos, the holidays would not be complete without a pot of delicious tamales steaming away in the background. We delve deeper into the significance of this beloved treat.
Peru's Top 5 Most Famous Dishes
Peru is a gastronomic wonderland. But where to start? Here a 5 Peruvian dishes to get your juices going.
The World's Most Adored Superfoods are All from Latin America
While we've been snacking on quinoa and chia for hundreds of years, the rest of the globe has only recently discovered the health benefits of our native foods.