Orgullo Latino


Orgullo Latino

Navigating the Conversation: Use of the Term “Latinx”
Evolution is key to language. As the world changes, so must language change in order to accurately perform its function.
Embracing Cultural Legacy: Honoring Indigenous Civilizations
It is no secret that Latin America has a rich and complex culture and history, built on foundations laid by ancestral civilizations.
Rich Coffee Traditions: Exploring Latin Brewing Methods
From the café cubano to the Mexican cafetera, discover the diversity of brewing methods in Latin America; methods which are deeply tied to the region's history and heritage.
The Influence of Indigenous Farming Practices on Modern Coffee Production
While we at Mayorga Coffee don’t doubt your appreciation for an excellent cup of coffee, have you ever considered the sustainable roots that lie beneath its cultivation? 
Beyond Simply Spanish: Exploring the Babel of Latin America
We all know that Latin America is a region of rich cultural diversity and historical complexity. It’s surprising, then, that it is so often associated solely with the Spanish language. 
Unraveling the Threads: Cultural Appropriation of the Tejedoras Mayas en Guatemala y México
The Tejedoras Mayas, highly skilled weavers from Guatemala and Mexico, practice an ancient craft that transcends time and represents the profound artistic spirit of their people.
Unlocking the Significance of Independence Days in Latin America
Independence Days are deeply ingrained in Latin American societies, symbolizing the triumph and steady sovereignty over colonial rule.
¿Nos Tomamos un Cafecito? The Cultural Significance of Coffee in Latin America
Is coffee an important part of life in Latin America? Absolutely! Learn more about the history of coffee in Latin America and its social importance in the region.
Sabor, Sonidos, y Letras: How Latin American Immigrants Have Transformed the US Cultural Sphere
Chefs, musicians, authors and artists. In whichever sphere you look, the impact of Latino cultures in the US is rich and wide-reaching.
Scarface and the Glamorization of Narco Culture: A Latino Perspective
The popularity of cartel movies is undeniable. Time and again, they glamorize their villains to an eagerly receptive audience. But what do Latinos really think about the narco genre?
Breaking Barriers: 3 Reasons for the Recent Surge of Latino Representation in US Colleges
Recently, the US has seen a boom in the number of Latino students attending college. Why now? And what impact will this have on Latino communities in the US?
Is Bogotá the Next Latino Culinary Hub?

Colombia’s capital city is set to become one of the most exciting culinary hubs in Latin America.

How Lucha Libre is Challenging Gender Stereotypes
Lucha libre: Mexico's captivating pro-wrestling. From acrobatics to empowerment, discover the transformative power of this electrifying sport
Reggaetón Collaborations: What Took So Long?

Reggaetón has been popular among the Latino community for decades. But with new collaborations, its audience has diversified, attracting the attention of English-speaking artists. But is this a form of cultural cherry-picking?


What is a Quinceañera?
The occasion, which stems from ancient civilizations, creates a space that recalls our cultural heritage.
Should Spanish be an ‘Official’ Language in the US?

There are more than 350 languages spoken in the US today.

The Latino Identity is About More than Language
It is time to have a more open mind to what “being Latino” really means.
Jorge Jiménez Deredia: Sculpting Costa Rica's Indigenous Heritage

The Costa Rican sculptor’s work has created a legacy that reminds viewers of his country’s rich culture and history.

2022 Saw Bad Bunny's Success Skyrocket – So Where's His Grammy?

Bad Bunny enjoyed unparalleled success in the year of 2022. So why did he walk away empty-handed from that year's Grammys?

The Top Latinos and Latinas to Watch in 2023
Latin America continues to produce some of the world’s most exciting talents. These are the ones to keep an eye on over the next year.
For Latinos the American Dream is About Family
The concept of "going it alone" is at odds with our identities and cultural heritages.