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Spectacular volcanoes to visit in Central America
Get up close to our most iconic volcanoes, sources of both great beauty and power.
Business success & gender impact in Latin America: Crepes & Waffles
When I tell foreigners that I'm going to take them to the most Colombian restaurant in the country, they're usually surprised to discover it's Crepes & Waffles. When the restaurant opened in 1980, no one thought it'd become the country's most popular food chain; or that we'd take as much pride in it as we do in our national soccer team.
¡Feliz año nuevo! Central American traditions to see in the new year
A new year brings with it 365 new possibilities – some years even bring 366! In Central America, we have some small ways to mark the start of a new cycle around the sun even more special, with celebrations based either on superstitions and traditions that have been passed down to us from previous generations.
High-end fashion labels are co-opting Latino designs
Admiring and drawing inspiration from Latino culture is to be expected: it is rich, colorful, and bursting with creativity. However, in recent years, many clothing brands, from high-end designers to fast-fashion labels, have overstepped the mark and engaged in what many have labeled as "cultural appropriation".
Seven popular holiday traditions in Central America
Living anywhere in Central America is a joy. We have the perfect climate, with balmy weather, delicious food, landscapes full of evergreen jungle, and, above all, the most wonderful people. In fact, the best thing about Central America is without a doubt its people: always smiling and always willing to help, we welcome visitors to our countries with open arms and make them part of our family in the blink of an eye.
Why Latino home cooking is so nostalgic
Have you ever taken a bite of something and felt as if you were suddenly transported to another time and place? Our food, specifically our home-cooked meals, has the exceptional power to do just this.
Pura vida: The top places to visit in Costa Rica
In terms of size, Costa Rica is small. It has just over ​​51,000 sq km, making us one of the smallest countries in Central America. However, our size belies everything we have to offer.
The best Central American dishes to have during the holidays
To most of us in Central America, the holidays mean two things: food and family. Our unique blend of ancient and modern cultures have given rise to a mouthwatering array of flavorful dishes. And we all know that they are best enjoyed with the ones we love.
What is the Leyenda de El Cadejo?
What I'm about to tell you, may seem like fantasy, but it truly did happen to me a few years ago. And it made me realize that the most important lessons in life often come disguised as events that defy explanation or logic.
The zest of life: Why we use fresh limón in everything
As a child, limónes were an ever-constant presence in the kitchen. They were everywhere, from the fresh agua de limón my mom would make for me and my sister after a long day of playing in the park to the jímaca she would pack for our lunches. And, of course, a bowl with freshly cut limones was always sitting on the table. But the use of fresh limónes extends far beyond my home.
¡Qué chévere! Celebrating ten great Latino slang phrases
Today, slang – or jerga – is no longer seen as something "less than". Instead, it has become a colorful addition to our existing language that allows us to succinctly and emotively capture and communicate a feeling.
Why the pupusa is El Salvador's greatest export
In El Salvador, its people transform corn into a fantastic dish known as pupusa, a specialty from Central America where it’s consumed with passion from dawn to dusk. Made with masa, pupusas are thick, spongy corn tortillas that can be stuffed with various fillings before being cooked on a clay comal or steel griddle.
Why chocolate santafereño is important to Colombian heritage
Chocolate means a lot to Colombians. A cocoa-producing nation, it has a long history of cacao consumption dating as far back as the Pre-Columbian era. It was first enjoyed by the Aztecs, who drank a sacred mixture of toasted cacao beans, spices, and water. From here, the concept of drinking chocolate (without cheese at this time) spread.
Where to find some of the best playas escondidas
Latin America is well known for its beaches where visitors get to not only enjoy balmy water and the softest white sand but also the various countries' rich cultures – each with its traditional dishes, joyous music and welcoming people.
What is yuca & what role does it play in Central American cuisine?
I would be hard-pressed to think of a time when yuca hasn’t been present on the dinner table at my family's home in Costa Rica. It was used to make fries, tamales, enyucados, and a particular favorite of mine: crunchy, deep-fried croquetas. Yuca is a widely used ingredient in many of our favorite dishes. It was one of our ancestors' most important food sources, and its roots extend from the north to the south of our continent.
Let's celebrate all things Latin America!
Welcome to the Orgullo Latino publication. This is where we’ll be sharing news, information, and general stories highlighting all beauty and positivity that our people, communities, and countries in and from Latin America have to offer.
Coffee... an industry built on colonialism and slavery
Coffee originated in Africa before making its way to Asia and Latin America. How did it travel so far? Through colonization and slave trade.
During the holidays Latinos eat tamales, not turkey
It is difficult to explain to someone who has never experienced it: the way tamales fill a home with a special smell when being cooked. It is a smell that permeates the atmosphere, awakens the appetite, and reminds us of special times with family and friends.
For Latinos, Christmas is better on the beach
We've all heard of a white Christmas: the crisp mornings, the snow flakes falling, the almost unbearable cold, being curled up in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate. In short, everything that the movies have led us to believe Christmas is all about. But little has been said about celebrating the festive season on a beach in the Tropics – a place that is not only naturally warmer but exudes another type of warmth – one that comes, in large part, from the people who live there.
Culinary hub: What are the most famous dishes from Peru?
Like many Latinos, the first time I experienced Peru's most emblematic dishes was – dare I say it – outside of the country itself. This is often the case because, over the decades, Peruvians have spread themselves far and wide, bringing their great culinary heritage to every place they go. However, after dining at some Peruvian restaurants, I thought that I had a clear idea of exactly what Peruvian gastronomy was.
Mildred Muñoz: The woman transforming organic coffee production
"Finca Santa María has helped everyone see that women can have multiple roles in our community; we can be successful land owners, entrepreneurs, workers, mothers – that is clear in what we do here," Mildred Muñoz says with pride.