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The Difference Between Café con Leche and Cortado

Clearing up confusion around two of the world’s favorite coffees.

Café Chorreado: Costa Rica's Pour-over Coffee
Behind Costa Rica’s rich coffee culture is a brewing method that unlocks all the incredible flavors of coffee without the need for expensive gadgets.
Does Coffee Contain Toxins?
A food safety expert discusses the relationship between mold, mycotoxins, and the coffee in your kitchen cupboard.
Coffee... An Industry Built on Colonialism and Slavery
Coffee originated in Africa before making its way to Asia and Latin America. How did it travel so far? Through colonization and slave trade.
Four of the Best Latino Coffees
"I started drinking café con leche with sugar from a 'sippy cup' when I was three years old," says our founder Martin Mayorga.
Miami's Ventanitas: So Much More Than Coffee
Take a stroll around Miami's Little Havana district and you'll soon stumble across a ventanita: a small window serving coffee - but ventanitas are so much more than that.
Café con Leche: The Unexpected Staple of Latin American Childhood

As retail centers and streets become more and more saturated with coffee shop after coffee shop looking to carve out a space, one drink has stood the test of time: café con leche.

Its creaminess and sweetness are partly responsible. But, for most of us, it's the comfort that it provides which has made it so important.

Cafecito: The Cuban Coffee Steeped in Tradition
There's no denying that coffee is deeply ingrained in the culture of all Latinos. But what's so special about a cafecito? Let's dive in.
Coffee Chronicles: Colombian Coffee Culture Through the Ages
We talk to 3 generations of coffee workers in Colombia to discover how coffee culture in the country has changed throughout the decades.
Conventional Coffee Farming Is Poisoning Local Communities
When it comes to chemicals, coffee is one of the most heavily treated food crops in the world. According to recent estimates, more than five million tons of pesticides are applied to crops globally. But what is being done about it?
Can El Salvador's Quality Coffee Beans Make a Comeback?
Like cream rising to the top, El Salvador is slowly ascending to reclaim its spot as one of the top coffee producers in the world, this time with a focus on quality above all else.
Cafecito: The Cuban Coffee You Need to Try
Like peanut butter and jelly, cafecito and pastries are just better together. Denisse Coquet tracks down the best authentic Latin American bites to go with a good Cuban coffee.
Women in Coffee – Breaking Through Gender Misconceptions
It's not every day that you find a coffee cooperative owned and run by women. Finca Santa María, a coffee cooperative in Aratoca, Colombia, is run by Mildred Muñoz. And it's impact reaches far beyond that of great quality coffee.
Cooperative Farming: Strength in Numbers
Good friends are an invaluable commodity when size isn't on your side. Often, many small Latin American coffee farmers rely on 'good friends' or cooperative farming to give them a fighting chance.
What Is Direct Trade in Coffee?
Mayorga has built an authentic direct trade supply chain over 23 years and millions of dollars invested working directly with our producers and supporting their communities.