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Encebollado: Ecuador’s cure for chuchaqui
If one day you wake up with a chuchaqui (hangover), remember that Ecuadorians claim to have the formula to combat even the worst one imaginable: a delicious fish broth called encebollado.
Bullets and beans: The unlikely tale of the baleada
From the crack of dawn to late at night, Hondurans heading to and from work are greeted by a now familiar sight: street stalls selling baleadas – a popular meal packed with a favorite Honduran ingredient: beans. In this case, frijoles refritos.
Ceviche is Peru on a plate
A tradition that is now part of world gastronomy; one which continues to expand as ingredients and cultural layers are added yet retains the character and soul of Peru.
"Ask for La Abuela": How to do Nicaragua like a Nica
Whether chomping on vigorón in Granada or riding the waves at Playa El Tránsito, Nicaragua is best experienced by skipping the well-trodden tourist trails and following the lead of the locals.
How Mexican cuisine rose to stardom

The introduction of Mexican cuisine to the US came about in waves: first, in the 1800s when American soldiers stationed in Texas discovered the spicy flavors. Then in the 1900s when the Mexican Revolution drove immigrants across the border.